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Dr. Robert Steven Unger

Registered Psychologist and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

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Couple Therapy

As our society continues to change, so does the fabric of the family. Couple therapy is similar to, but sometimes different than, marital therapy. For example, if a couple love each other, but is not married, nor lives together, then their relationship does not have the same dynamic as two people who are married, live together, have mutual financial obligations, etc.

Couple therapy might be beneficial if one or more of the following signs and symptoms describes your current circumstance: loss of emotional cohesiveness or harmony, never-ending arguments, loss of sexual intimacy and\or emotional infidelity, going to bed angry about a relationship issue, sleeping in separate bedrooms because of being angry with your partner, arguments about things that seem trivial, physical or emotional exhaustion about the relationship, getting or giving the “silent treatment” from your loved one, defiant or disrespectful behaviour from your children, increased irritability about the condition of the relationship, loss of privacy among family members, the repeated “testing” of a family member’s love.

In addition to being a Registered Psychologist since 1977, I am also a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist since 1983. Combining the training I received in both specialities provides me with a unique, effective and powerful method of assisting the couple having relationship difficulty. If you or your partner seem to have conflicts that “come out of nowhere’ or have the same conflict “over and over again” or that never gets fully resolved, or have “communication problems”, it would be beneficial to meet with me to assist you in developing a more mature, more peaceful and more harmonious relationship.