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Dr. Robert Steven Unger

Registered Psychologist and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

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We can experience depression at almost any time in our life. It may come as a genetic disorder involving certain chemicals in our body. Or, more likely, it may be a result of continuous and \ or excessive worry about something that has happened in the past. Depression often occurs as a result of not being able to finally and appropriately resolve whatever is worrying you. It might be about feeling that someone behaved unjustly towards you, or were disloyal to you in some way, or that someone you trusted took something from you. It might be that you believed you were treated badly by someone and can just not get it out of your mind.

The symptoms of depression are usually described as having a prolonged loss of appetite, a substantial change in sleep pattern, loss of interest in usual activities or hobbies, tearfulness, irritability or worry, social withdrawal, feelings of guilt, failure or worthlessness, physical and/or emotional exhaustion, thoughts of self harm, as well as others.

When these constant feelings start to negatively impact your daily life function, it is time to talk with an experienced psychotherapist that can help you “unravel” what may seem to be an overwhelming feeling. I may be able to help you in that work.