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Dr. Robert Steven Unger

Registered Psychologist and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

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Welcome to the Home Page of my website.

Dr. Robert UngerI invite you to visit each page and learn more about my clinical interests and the assessment, diagnostic, treatment and consulting services that I have provided to more than 3000 patients since 1977. I have worked with a professional web site designer to make my website as easy as possible to navigate. If, after reviewing the information provided, you still have questions that remain unanswered, I encourage you to contact me and I will do my best to respond to you.

I have been a Registered Psychologist since 1977. I have also been a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist since 1983. Each of these two allied professions has its’ own unique history. Each offers a somewhat different methodology in identifying and resolving emotional distress. As a result of being “cross-trained” in these two different but related professions, I bring a unique clinical background and over thirty five years of clinical experience to each assessment and\or treatment session that I provide to individuals and\or couples.

In order to become a Registered Psychologist (C.Psych.) in Ontario, I completed more than five years of graduate study after I received my B.A. Degree in Psychology, I continued graduate study and received an MA degree and a PhD degree. After that, I completed one year of an internship in clinical psychology at the University of Manitoba’s Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, and sat for and passed the Ontario College of Psychologists registration examination that covered all aspects of clinical psychology and professional ethics.

Dr. Robert Unger's Office London, OntarioIn my graduate training in clinical psychology, I received supervision in a variety of treatment methodologies including cognitive-behavioural, ego-analytic, Rational-Emotive, Gestalt, Rogerian (client-centered), Sullivanian and many others.

As a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT), I frequently employ the same treatment methodologies as I was trained in as a psychologist, but I also use “systems theory” which is the most common treatment approach.

Many years of clinical experience has afforded me the skill to tailor the specific treatment approach to each individual or couple that I treat. I often use some techniques from each of the many treatment methodologies. I blend the treatment suggestions that I offer in each treatment session from them, as best suited to each patient, for couple or marital therapy.

I strive to provide helpful, practical and effective treatment suggestions, all based upon the emotional conditions that exist, your ability to develop new thinking strategies and your willingness to be encouraged to change ineffective or maladaptive thinking patterns or behaviours that prevent you from experiencing optimal emotional functioning, or a better emotional quality of life.

I respect each and every patient and their concerns. I always try to meet each person or couple “where they are” and assist them to move to a different, perhaps more emotionally healthy, place.

In general, when an individual or couple is referred to me by his or her family physician, or is self-referred, we can usually have our initial meeting within one or two weeks….sooner, if urgent circumstances warrant an emergency intervention and I am available.

My office policy is to provide Initial, Interim and Discharge Summaries to the referring physician, if referred by your family doctor and with your written authorization. This process allows your family doctor to receive current information about your improvement on a timely basis. This process also allows for the most effective partnership between your family physician and me, so that the primary goal of improving your condition occurs in the shortest amount of time. Your physician may reduce or discontinue certain mood medications that may have been previously prescribed to you as you continue to improve during your treatment sessions with me.

If you feel that I might be a “good fit” to assist you in resolving some psychological or emotional concerns, I would be happy to respond to your request for an initial meeting at a convenient time in order to more fully discuss your current circumstance.

Best regards,


Dr. Robert Steven Unger, C.Psych.